How to be a character artist? Things you need to know

Character artists (or game designers) are the people who responsible for the creation and animation of certain graphics based on the script they were given, work together as a team with game programmers, game testers, and marketers... to produce new video games.

To be a character artist, you must have a skill to translate script into genuine characters and scenes.

Some of the requirements for this job are discussed below:

1) Computer Literacy

Gaming industry is becoming one of the most lucrative and competitive job in the world, so that's why you do not only need artistic talent but also have to know how to design in various code languages. The designing process starts from sketching on paper before being scanned to the computer for necessary digitalization and adjustment.

2) Character Animation

The 1st important step for every design is that, you will need as many ideas to come up in your head as you can, and draw all of them down before going to pick out one. For the transformation step, you have to learn every detail structures of an object or character you want to able to create an animated object or character, you have to learn every detail structure of it before getting start on the transformation step.

And please don't worry if you are not a born-artist, you can improve this skill just by educate yourself in artistic drawing and practice harder by sketching objects.

3) Graphics Design

To become a good character artist, you need to learn all the basics of graphics and design, which you can completely self-learn from many tutorials and resources online. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are the most 2 effective and essential software that can help you getting started on creating two dimension characters and 3D designs.


For the character and animation creation, you better have all of the above skills. The key to mastering the computer software is by learning to make use of all the programs you have and think creatively, then you will find no difficulty in this field. 

You can specialize in one area of designing or you can focus on designing game environments, backgrounds or the characters themselves. So after reading this, do you think that you can become a great Character Artist? It's your choice! Good luck!