How to advertise your new game?

Games are everywhere, from phones, tablets, computers, to TVs ... Game everywhere. In such a competitive market, how does your game stand out? If you are a celebrity in the gaming industry (or you do in a well-known game company), you will have a "voice" to attract the attention of your game. In addition to paying for advertising on Youtube, large games can also promote images through publications and social networking sites. But if you are not in the above case, what do you do? Let read through my article and you will find the answer.

Start Early

Once you have a complete game, you need to advertise and market it. You can use the beautiful images in your game through the screen capture game. As your game grows, you will have new adventures. Make your game more popular and more engaging. When you do this early, you will be able to keep a number of players intending to experience your game.

What else should you have?

Create a site with useful information about your game. May be tips, tricks ... If you already have other games, make sure your new game is in the right place. And also need a website dedicated to it. You need to keep the interaction of the site with the players. Post the information according to the progress that you think is most appropriate. Maybe 2 days ago you gave a new image, a new information about game features, about the character in the game, about weapons in the game ... Use the media to promote. However, when doing this, you need to make sure the content is really interesting and engaging. A video demo of your game is very necessary. A group for free players to discuss with each other is also something you should do. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are places you should be concerned. Create fan pages about your game on it. When you have followers of your fanpage, they will be the first to know what you are saying. The contributions and opinions of the players are very important. Most importantly you have to have attractive content, what the player is wanting to know about your game.

 “I Don’t Want to Build a Raving Social Media Fan Base Right Now”

Think about all the places where you get game information like: YouTube, Twitter, Blog, Electronic Newspaper ... If you have a quality game and you have a good amount of players ready to experience your game, make sure your game will be successful. You can advertise your game through the big players in the game industry. A professional game player, a famous streamer... anyone you want. This is a great way to do it because it is really effective, but you will also have to spend time considering who is going to fit your game. You can also use email to contact them, I have some experience for you when doing this: Do not write a long email. Write down briefly and list the main ideas you want to say. Show them that you have an understanding of them, that they care about what they did.

Other Good Options

Crowds are a good choice. There will be a lot of traffic for your game. In it, there may be other devs. Building relationships with the dev will help you shape future co-operation. Marketing needs a booth, can be pricey. Groups like Indie Mega Booth and IndieCade can help you with this.

If you do not have enough financing to buy a booth, you can go to the cons to hand out swag or fliers, this will bring customers to your game. Create events. They work very well and you need to have it. Use Youtube. It is the world's largest communication channel. It will help you a lot. Check out the market you are aiming for in earnest. See what you need to do for this market.