The best free tool to help you create a video game.

Nowadays, we have many options to make our games. However, which tools is the best for game making? We can have several difficulties. Free tools below can help us to develop games.

1. ToolStencyl andGameMaker (For Beginners)

There are 2 popular tools for beginners, because they are used easily to create some quality games.

Stencyl is a tool to make game which does not need to code. This is an entirely drag and drop interface, game designer could publish games to many platform like Flash Web, IOS, MAC, Android, Linux. Stencyl attend to make games which have sprite based quickly, so it has trend to be used for puzzle and side scroller game. If you want to create something like MMORPG or strategy games, you will need other tool. SinceStencyl is not reasonable to complex games. Some example for games which are made by Stencyl: “Zuki’s Quest” and “Impossible Pixel”. Stencyl has a tutorial, too

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GameMaker is other free tool and use easily, too. It helps you publish games to Android, Windows, IOS and MAC. Same toStencyl, it is an entirely drag anddrop interface, also, but including hooks for making game multiplayer, associated with the third software SDK, digging into code directly and more. When exporting, the free version of GameMaker will have a watermark with tutorial. Famous games are created by GameMaker are “Hotline Miami” and “Spelunky”.

Besides, there are many other tools that you can choose, such as Buildbox, thisis the new tool that you can try using at a period. GameSalad is popular platform, despite it is reported as being buggy unstable. Construct is also valuable tool if you want to create HTLM5 games. Because those tools suitable for beginners, the problem of those are restricted in design. However, they are nice tools for starting designing game.

2. Make 2D games: Cocos2D (Mid-Level Users)

The 2nd tool is an open source named Cocos2D. This tool for making 2D games that can be published on Mac, Windows, Android, Windows phone, IOS and Flash Web. Major of bulk that you use in Cocos 2D is C++, therefore, you need to know about that programming language before make something by Cocos2D.

Moreover, when you know this language fluently, Cocos2D becomes easy. Cocos2D is created to make games 2D, so it tend to do with simple game very well.

3. Make 3D Games: Unreal Engine or Unity (For Advanced Users)

Unreal Engine and Unity are the best choice if you want to create more complex games, of course, they are free. Both of them have different strengths and weakness, different license also.

You can create 2D games or 3D games which publish on Xbox, Android, Mac, Windows, PlayStation, iOS and so on. It use C# is the main language, so you should know this language before beginning. It means that comparing Unreal, Unity is easy to learn. Personal version has plentiful function. If you make games by this version, you do not to pay any fee of license, but it has some rules. Example for games which were created by Unity: Gone Home, Alto’s Adventure and Firewatch.

Games with Unreal Engine can be made in iOS,PC, Mac, Xbox One,Android andPlayStation 4. Unreal Engine 4 has trend to use difficultly, though, you know C++ fluently. It is a new tool but there are some games making by it: Tekken 7 and Daylight. In order to use Unreal Engine 4, you have to agree some fee of license if you purchase your game.

4. Twine - RPG Maker (For writers)

If you love of a narrative storyteller, Twine and RPG Maker are good choice.

Twine is a simple system that you could create interactive and nonlinear stories. It is very easy to use. You contact your stories through nodes, likes you draw mind-map. In each choice, player will receive a new note. After completing game, you can export it in a web.

RPG Maker is more modern than Twine. It is easy to learn, too. You can drag-and-drop images or graphics, insert one dialogue by a click. Its tutorial is also useful for beginning. Some famous game: One Night andClock of Atonement

5. Some free tools

A game has many things which are more complex than engine. There are some tools that game developers like, such as:

  • TextturePacker is a free tool to make sprite.
  • Tiled is a simple map-editor that can hook inUnity, Cocos2D and more.
  • OpenGameArt is an address which provide free graphic asset.
  • Free Music Archive is a fee resource for music Creative Commons.
  • FreeSound isa free collection of open source sound effects.

With many free tools above, you can make a game in the cheap way, although you need to invest time, effort, blood and tears.