How has the game evolved?

In the old days, the computer was the size of a room ... now you can put it in your pocket ... or with just one device, you can access the internet, play music, play video, data storage. This shows that things have changed a lot and the development of technology is terrible. With technology, you can call, send email, take pictures, set alarm clock ...

You think that is enough? Not! Technology is continuing to grow with more and more powerful mobile devices.

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1. The development of technology

Sony and Microsoft have updated version 2.0 for their systems. Xbox One is progressing into the Xbox One S. PS4 is upgraded to PS4 Pro. Why should they upgrade their products? The reason is to meet the 4k / HDR image.

2. Increase "real"

This is most apparent through the Pokemon Go game. It made a hit in a short amount of time. People are hunting for virtual Pokémon, walking in the park, walking along the roads, even going to other countries.

So, do you see that the world is preparing for a boom in technology? If games like Yugi-Oh are played like real life, you can summon monsters out right in front of you. What do you think about it?

3. Virtual - Reality

VR is not just for gaming. In Medicine and Science, there are trials to help human be able to walk again.

Currently, VR has some limitations. When playing for long periods, you may experience nausea. Or some restrictions on space ... But you need to prepare for this innovation. VR can explode at any time.

4. Voice - Control

On paper, we have a neat feature that some games have tried to make (cough * Tom Clancy * cough *). This feature makes it easier for players to communicate with each other.

Now, you can just talk alone or talk to other players. But as the technology evolves, you may be able to talk to characters and NPCs in the game.

5. Motion - Control

This is a very unique step. It brings comfort, modernity. A new play, a great creation.

But the question that I ask you is: How to combine motion control with virtual reality technology?

6. “Portability”

Another impressive addition from Nintendo. You can change from the connected screen to the mobile screen easily. In addition, mobility and support are being optimized from proprietary online play.

7. Local - Multiplayer Towards “Solo” and “Online” Play

The experience of playing local multiplayer is great. I want to experience it again. And Nintendo listened to that.

Glad that this mode has returned to the PS3 console and Xbox 360 console. You can look forward to it, as there will be some games available for this genre.

8. “Graphic” and “Electric – Screens”

The 4K TV screen is excellent. The 4K HDR is a completely different class. Game graphics are trying to reach this point. Let's see what time they will do.

9. “Mobile Games”

Mobile Games is a huge field that has a lot of game companies and a lot of games in it. You can play games anytime, anywhere, and connect with friends on the internet.


Technology is growing very fast. Maybe what I write today will come true tomorrow. You can see, 90 years ago, the TV was only black and white. But what now? Please note today with our technological advances. And 10 years later, look again.