Notes when developing games on iOS

According to Apple, “Swift is a programming language created by Apple to develop applications for the Mac, iOS, Apple Watch and Apple TV. It is easy to use and it’s an open source, anyone can use Swift. “


Swift is very popular and handy. So, there are so many courses on it. The guides I introduce to you will be web based.

To use Swift, you need to download Xcode from the Apple Store Mac. This is the “basic Mac app to build other iOS application.” Xcode has everything you need for developing an application on iOS.

Link: you have installed Xcode, you need to learn some more. This list contains documents that talk about iOS app design themes, and there are different levels of skills. This information is very useful.


1. Appe

Apple provides you with “The Definitive Book”. You can download iBooks to see its free tutorials. It also has “resources”. This section includes sample presentations, document guidelines, and video tutorials.

Link: you have an iPad, there is a great app for you: Swift Playground. This is a “magic application”. Through this playground, you will learn more about Swift’s use (by solving puzzles).

Link: addition, Apple offers you the Swift Blog, which will be where you update the latest news on Apple software.


2. Swiftris

A simple game that has been around for a long time, you’ll put bricks to fill the gaps … Yes, that’s Tetris! And it is related to Swiftris which is a combination of Tetris and Swift.

Swiftris is free, it guides you through the steps to develop a 2D jigsaw puzzle. Swiftris uses Spritekit and Swift.


There are lots of tutorials for developing simple games on the “Bloc”, it’s free. It talks about user experience and user interface. I think you will need this information very much.


3. Hacking With Swift

Hacking With Swift has free documentation, but it has advanced sections (and you may be charged for these enhancements). In Hacking With Swift, you will have Swift Knowledge Base with very useful information. Hacking With Swift has 40 topics and an introduction to Swift. Hacking With Swift also has videos that talk about tips and tricks, but these videos are not free.


There are two options in Hacking With Swift: If you are a newbie, you should see their introduction first. If you already have some knowledge about Swift, you can view Project 36: Crashy Planes.


4. AppCoda

There are many iOS tutorials on AppCoda. These instructions are free. However, it is not only game development guides but also other guides.

Link: Highlights is a guide to Swift 3, iOS 10, and Xcode 8. If you would like to learn more about iOS software development skills, this is the right place for you. The free version will have 150 pages and the full version is 600 pages ($ 39).

5. The Make School

Make School gives you instructions on creating existing games (like Timberman games).


Make School also has an online academy. You can study online, it is easy and con




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