Things to know if you want to become a video game programmer.

Video games have long been very familiar to us. From adults to children, anyone can enjoy video games. In it there are people who are so interested in games, they are looking for ways to become a game programmer. Another reason is the profitability of the game for you, with a popular game that can turn you into a millionaire.

1. Information:

Information is very important. If you are looking to be a game programmer, first find out information about this field to see what its characteristics are. You can get information by asking your friends, learning on game programming sites, attending sharing sessions on this issue ... Once you have the information and understanding about what you want to do, you will find a lot easier.

2. Understand your ability:

At present, the gaming industry has grown tremendously. It includes a lot of content from pictures, sound, animation, game features ... So if you want to be a game developer, you have to know what you are going to learn.

Video games include a lot of things, from the writing of the game's source code and features, to creating 3D images of the characters, creating effects, movement in the game, etc.

My advice to you is to determine your ability, to understand the skills you can learn and to develop them, which is the first thing you want to become a game developer.

3. Joining training courses:

Training courses on game programming are also places where you can learn many useful things. You only need to spend some money to study these short courses. Because when joining the course, in addition to learning the theory you will also be practicing, this will be very interesting and it will bring you valuable experience. If you are looking for a course on gaming, check out schools like DeVry University or UAT Online Game Degree.

4. Understand the tools for making games:

Do not think that game programming is all you have to do yourself. There are many tools that can assist a lot of game developers. If you know the tools and use them effectively, the results will be great and save you time. For example "Radiant", "Cry-Engine" or "Source" and "Unreal-Engine"... you can use these tools to create maps, levels, items in the game as weapons, armor or even you can create a beautiful character as a real person if you are qualified. All these tools have documentation on the internet, use Google to refer to them.

5. Game programming language:

Programming languages are fundamental and require you to understand them if you want to be a game developer. Make sure you are good at C ++, as this is a common and widely used language in the game. If you are just a beginner, try DarkBASIC first, but you can also take a look at the Microsoft Visual Basic course, which is also a very interesting language.

6. “Problem solving” attitude:

Unlike other areas, if you want to become a game developer, you need to be patient and calm. There will be many cases that arise and can not be resolved immediately (mostly about difficult bugs). In order to solve these cases, you need to persevere and slowly find ways to fix it.

7. Practice:

To be a good game programmer, you can not just learn the theory. Practice is a very important element in this area. You need to regularly code games, regularly apply the tools you know. Of course, the more you practice, the more bugs you will find. From then on you will have to fix these bugs, and you will become more professional and enhance your abilities.

8. Join game programming groups:

Join the game programming group, you will experience teamwork. This is also very important, because when you really want to follow this path, you will not be able to do everything by yourself. Work in groups, divide work and learn the experiences and skills of others. This will help you improve your ability to a lot, or at least it will also give you a better understanding of the field of game programming.

9. Learn from the programmers around you:

Learning the right place, the right person is also the way you both find what you want and save time. Try to look around your area for some famous game developers or have had a long experience and ask them to tell you what you are wondering.

10. Use the Google:

Google is always a good choice in many different areas, including the field of game programming. You can find anything from documentation to instructional videos. However, referring from reputable sites will be better!